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  Issues of Survey Research published from 1995 through 2006 currently are available; each issue is saved as a PDF file. To view an issue, click on the issue number.      
Year, Vol.        
Article(s) and/or other special content
Vol. 37
Nos. 1–2
Translations & Interpreting: What Do Survey Organizations Do?
(A. Blom, L. A. Doerr, G. Cheung, Y. Liu, & J. Harkness)
Vol. 36
No. 1
Network Sampling Developments in Survey Research During the Past 40+ Years (M. G. Sirken)
No. 2
The Laws of Studying Societal Change (T. W. Smith)
No. 3
Refusal Conversion: Monitoring the Trends (K. F. Retzer & D. Schipani)
Vol. 35
No. 1
Interviewer Falsification in Survey Research: Current Best Methods for Prevention, Detection, &
Repair of Its Effects
(Ann Arbor Summit on Interviewer Falsification), with a foreword by B. Groves
Nos. 2–3
Risk, Benefit, & Informed Consent in Survey Research (E. Singer)
Assessment of “No Opinion” and Don't Know Responses to Community Surveys (A. Maitland)
Vol. 34
No. 1
Testing CAI Questionnaires (J. Tarnai & D. Moore)
No. 2
Nothing About Us Without Us—Removing Barriers to Survey Participation by Persons with Disabilities
(G. Hendershot)
Cellular Phones: Challenges & Opportunities (L. Piekarski)
No. 3
Personality Type as a Predictor of Interviewer Performance (C. Abbott, B. Yost, & J. Harding)
Vol. 33
No. 1
Using Advance Letters in RDD Surveys: Results of Two Experiments (J. Parsons, L. Owens, & W. Skogan)
No. 2
No. 3 
How Much Extra Would You Be Willing to Pay for Gasoline? Depends on How You Ask
(C. Helmstetter & A. Murphy)
Vol. 32
No. 1
Events Honoring Seymour Sudman
No. 2
The Impacts of Technology on Survey Data Collection (M. Sheridan)
No. 3
Detection & Prevention of Data Falsification in Survey Research (T. Johnson, V. Parker, & C. Clements)
Vol. 31
No. 1
An Inquiry into Declining RDD Response Rates--Part IV: Lack of Standardization (D. O’Rourke)
No. 2
Seymour Sudman Memorial Issue
No. 3
Telephone Survey Practices Study (J. Sheppard) (currently unavailable)
Vol. 30
No. 1
The Year 2000: A Look at Trends Affecting the Field (R. Ferber)
Nos. 23
An Inquiry into Declining RDD Response Rates--Part III: A Multivariate Review (D. O’Rourke & T. Johnson)
Vol. 29
No. 1
Electronic Monitoring: Do You Know the Laws? (D. O'Rourke)
No. 2
An Inquiry into Declining RDD Response Rates--Part 1: Telephone Survey Practices
(D. O’Rourke, G. Chapa-Resendez, L. Hamilton, K. Lind, L. Owens, & V. Parker)
No. 3
An Inquiry into Declining RDD Response Rates--Part II: Telephone Center Operations& Interviewers
(D. O’Rourke)
Vol. 28
Nos. 12
(currently unavailable)
No. 3
Where We Have Been: Survey Research 1967–1997 (S. Sudman) (currently unavailable)
No. 4
Vol. 27
Nos. 12
The Growth of Academic & Not-for-Profit Survey Research Organizations
(D. O’Rourke, S. Sudman, M. Ryan)
No. 3
Telephone Data Collection Miscellanea (D. O’Rourke) 
Data Archives (D. ORourke)

The Use of Focus Groups (K. M. Cissold)
No. 4
News from COPAFS (currently unavailable)
Vol. 26
Nos. 1–2
Keeping Confidences: What We Owe Respondents & the Profession (A. Gollin)
Why Innovation Is Difficult in Government Surveys (D. Dillman)
No. 3
Asking the Embarrassing Question (A. H. Barton)
No. 4


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