Survey Research newsletter is published three times a year and serves as a clearinghouse for information about academic and not-for-profit survey research organizations around the world. Below you will find subscription information. An additional page allows you to view some of our past issues.

Subscription Information

Individual subscriptions to Survey Research are $15 (available only for individuals and to be paid by noninstitutional check). The organizational subscription rate is $60, with organizational subscribers receiving up to six copies of each issue. Those contributing between $100 and $599 are eligible for multiple copies, depending upon the amount of the contribution.  In order to be considered a patron of Survey Research newsletter, a minimum contribution of $600 is requested. Patrons receive up to 60 copies of each issue.

You can subscribe or renew online using the following: Secure link

If you wish to subscribe to Survey Research by mail, we ask that you complete the subscription form, print it out, and mail it, along with your payment check, to our Urbana-Champaign office at the address provided.