Welcome to the Fiscal Policy Space (FPS) data portal website. Data for the FPS project have been collected by a team from the University of Illinois at Chicago's College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs from a variety of sources for 100 central cities of the largest metropolitan areas in the US. The user is invited to identify a variety of variables that are linked to a city's underlying fiscal position.

The data sources include the Census Bureau, Comprehensive Financial Reports, state statutes, city ordinances, Newsbank-Access World News, as well as data collected by the Government Finance Officers Association and Merritt Research.

This website allows the user to download data collected for the project. The drop-down menus in the 'Data' page allows the user to select

(1) the year or years of data, between 1992 and 2012,
(2) the city or cities of interest and
(3) variables for analysis.

The user can scroll through the codebook to locate the variable names for the 600 variables. The value "99999" indicates 'missing data', 'no response' or 'no data available'. The codebook is embedded in the variable list. Please scroll through the codebook to locate the variables of interest. The user has the option to download the selected variables by city and year as a PDF or a spreadsheet.

Please note that the spreadsheets contain a large number of "missing data", although the most complete information on each city is posted for years ending in '2' and '7'. Data on 'fiscal policy actions' (e.g., tax hikes) have been collected for every year. Click here for further information on the Data Collection Methodology

To gain more insight and details about the variables, please click here to download the codebook

If you have any feedback, please mail it to us at MAPagano@uic.edu