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The Interdepartmental Graduate Concentration in Survey Research Methodology (GCSRM) is co-directed by Allyson Holbrook, PhD, Assistant Professor, Public Administration and Survey Research Laboratory, and Frederick J. Kviz, PhD, Professor, Community Health Sciences. The co-directors work in conjunction with the GCSRM Advisory Committee, which is composed of GCSRM faculty from across the UIC campus. The Dean of The Graduate College of the University of Illinois at Chicago is responsible for general oversight of the GCSRM .

All courses in the GCSRM program, both core and elective, are housed administratively in the department/college that is directly responsible for developing and teaching them. Many of the courses in the GCSRM curriculum are cross-listed in two or more academic units.

Advisory Committee

Richard T. Campbell, PhD, Professor, Biostatistics

Allyson Holbrook, Assistant Professor, Public Administration, Assistant Professor, Survey Research Laboratory, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Timothy P. Johnson, PhD, Professor, Public Administration, Director, Survey Research Laboratory

Maria Krysan, PhD, Associate Professor, Sociology

Frederick J. Kviz, PhD, Professor, Community Health Sciences




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