CDC/NCHS Working Paper Series

No. 1. Questionnaire Design Research Laboratory: Focus Groups on Family Health Issues (D. Trunzo & S. Schechter). November 1993.

No. 2. Investigation into the Cognitive Processes of Answering Self-Assessed Health Status Questions (S. Schechter). November 1993.

No. 3. Questionnaire Design Research Laboratory: Mini-Pretest of the 1994 Year 2000 and AIDS Supplements (G. B. Willis). November 1993.

No. 4. Questionnaire Design Research Laboratory: Cognitive Testing of the 1993 NHIS AIDS Knowledge & Attitudes Supplement (J. Kerwin). November 1993.

No. 5. Questionnaire Design Research Laboratory: Cognitive Testing of the 1993 Family Resources Supplement(J. Kerwin). November 1993.

No. 6. Questionnaire Design Research Laboratory: Cognitive Laboratory Testing of the 1993 Teenage Attitudes & Practices Survey II(B. Stussman). March 1994.

No. 7. Cognitive Interviewing & Questionnaire Design: A Training Manual (G. B. Willis). March 1994.

No. 8. Conducting Cognitive Laboratory Tests by Telephone (S. Schechter & P. Beatty). April 1994.

No. 9. The Cognitive Aspects of Responses to Sensitive Survey Questions (G. B. Willis, M. G. Sirken, & G. Nathan). May 1994.

No. 10. Proceedings of the 1993 NCHS Conference on the Cognitive Aspect of Self-Reported Health Status (S. Schechter, Ed.). August 1994.

No. 11. A Cognitive Subtask Model of Statistical Map Reading (D. Herrmann & L. W. Pickle). August 1994.

No. 12. The Use of Strategic Processes by Survey Respondents (G. B. Willis). October 1994.

No. 13. NASA Questionnaire Development Project: Developing an Employee Health Survey from Secondary Sources (P. Beatty). November 1994.

No. 14. The Contributions of the NCHS Collaborative Research Program to Memory Research(D. Herrmann). December 1994. 

No. 15. The Mini-Pretest: Small-Scale Testing of a Large-Scale Questionnaire(G. B. Willis). December 1994. 

 No. 16. NCI Questionnaire Development & Testing: DES, Mammography Decisional Balance, & Clinical Breast Exams(P. Beatty). January 1995.

 No. 17. Laboratory Testing of a Customer Satisfaction Survey: The Social Security Initial Awards Questionnaire(P. Beatty). April 1995.