Tim Johnson is President Elect of AAPOR

We are very pleased to announce that SRL Director Tim Johnson was elected Vice-President/President Elect of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR). AAPOR is the premier professional organization of public opinion and survey research professionals and scholars in the U.S. Its members come from academia, media, government, and the non-profit and commercial sectors. Tim will serve on AAPOR's Executive Council for three years as the VP/President-Elect (2016-2017), President (2017-2018), and Past President (2018-2019). Tim will join a distinguished group of those elected AAPOR President that includes longtime SRL Sampling Director Seymour Sudman; Former Obama-Administration Census Director Bob Groves; George Gallup, the founder of the well-known Gallup Polling Organization; and Warren Mitofsky, who is credited with inventing exit polling. More information can be found on AAPOR’s site:



Wiley Releases Handbook of Health Survey Methods

Edited by Timothy P. Johnson and available as both a hardback and an e-book, Handbook of Health Survey Methods became available in November.

"A unique and self-contained resource, [it] presents techniques necessary for confronting challenges that are specific to health survey research. The handbook guides readers through the development of sample designs, data collection procedures, and analytic methods for studies aimed at gathering health information on general and targeted populations."