Welcome to the Orchard Downs Resident Survey!

The Office of the Chancellor, with assistance from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Orchard Downs Input Team (ODIT), is conducting a survey of Orchard Downs residents to learn what facilities, programs, and services are valuable to residents. We need your help to determine how best to serve students and their families in the future.

The survey is being administered to every leaseholder and spouse over the age of 18 who are authorized residents of Orchard Downs. We request that you and your spouse separately fill out one questionnaire each.

Completing the questionnaire will take only 10 minutes.

As thanks for participation, two respondents who complete the questionnaire will be randomly selected to receive rent credit of $50 each from the University Housing Division, administered by the Family and Graduate Housing office within Orchard Downs. Two other respondents will be randomly selected to each receive a 27-inch color TV.

You will be asked to enter your identification (ID) number on the first page of the survey. This number will be used only to identify and contact you if you are randomly selected to receive rent credit or a color TV. SRL will never associate individual responses to the questionnaire with the ID number; ID numbers will never be in the data file or the report.

Participation in this survey is voluntary; you are free to skip any question(s) that you prefer not to answer and to stop answering the questionnaire at any time. Your decision to participate, decline or withdraw will have no effect on your status at or future relations with the university. The risks associated with participating in this study are no greater than those ordinarily encountered in daily life.

If you have any questions, please contact the SRL investigator Sowmya Anand at (217) 333 2219 or at sowmya@srl.uic.edu. If you have any general questions about your rights as a participant in this survey, please contact the University of Illinois Institutional Review Board (IRB) at (217) 333 2670 (you may call collect) or via email at irb@uiuc.edu .

Thank you for participating!

Fred Coleman III, Ph.D.
Director of Capital Development for Orchard Downs
(217) 333 8850 _______________________________________________________________________________

I have read and understood the consent document above and voluntarily agree to complete the survey. Click the “print” button on your browser if you would like to print this document for your records.