You are invited to participate in the third annual ILLINOIS POLL, a statewide, omnibus telephone survey conducted by the Survey Research Laboratory, a unit of the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Participating in this survey will provide you an opportunity to collect information on the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of adults throughout Illinois. The next Illinois Poll is scheduled for administration in September 2000. You will receive results from your questions by mid-November 2000.

The deadline for submitting questions for inclusion for the next ILLINOIS POLL is May 15, 1999. The total number of questions that can be included is limited, so don't delay.


How does the Illinois Poll work?

You submit already-prepared questions for inclusion in THE ILLINOIS POLL or work with SRL staff to design your questions. Your questions are combined with those from other participants to be administered all at once. The cost is lower because many expenses of conducting the poll are shared by all participants. Your questions may be close-ended, where respondents must select from a pre-determined set of answers, or open-ended, in which the respondent's answer is entered verbatim by the interviewer.

A minimum of 600 interviews will be completed; depending on the number of sponsors, we may be able to increase that number. Either way, you will have statistically reliable estimates for the state population as a whole. All interviewing is done in accordance with the most advanced survey techniques. All interviewing is conducted from SRL's Telephone Center on the UIC campus. Questionnaires are pretested to ensure reliability and validity. Interviewers receive intensive training and all phone work is monitored and closely supervised by SRL field staff. Calls are made during the daytime, evenings, and weekends to maximize the likelihood of finding the selected respondent at home.


What do I receive as a participant?

Included in the cost of individual question preparation is advice on question wording, formatting, and order; a pretest of the question(s), and any subsequent revisions that are required. As part of THE ILLINOIS POLL, demographic information will be gathered and shared with all participants. In addition, the specific demographics for your cases will be turned over to you, each of your questions will be cross-tabulated for each demographic characteristic, and you will receive computer-generated frequencies for the survey results of your questions.

When the survey is complete, you will receive an ASCII data file that will allow you to do your own analysis; a SAS or SPSS set-up file that reads the data file; a codebook documenting the coding of each of your questions and the demographic questions; and a complete methodological report detailing both technical and quality-control procedures for the entire survey.


How much does it cost to participate?

The cost per close-ended question is $1,200. Open-ended questions are more expensive and are priced individually. All participants will be required to complete a Service Project Agreement Form before their questions are included in the final questionnaire. You will have the option to select from several forms of payment. If you choose to be billed later, you will receive an invoice at the time administration of THE ILLINOIS POLL is completed and have 30 days to pay after receipt of the invoice.


For more information about the ILLINOIS POLL, please contact the POLL coordinator:

Amy DeGrush, Project Coordinator

Survey Research Laboratory (MC 336)

412 S. Peoria, Sixth Floor

Chicago, Illinois 60607

312-413-7250 (ph)

312-996-3358 (fax)




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